Can I revert HE platform to about 6 months ago?

Hi All,

I found one post about this but not much info other than to contact support.

I am pretty sure I want to revert to a firmware from about 6 months ago when live was better with my HE. Does anyone have advice on how to go about that? I basically want to turn back the clock to that point.

If you don't see it on the port 8081 diagnostic interface for your hub, then no. But a better question would be: what are your problems now? Have you tried reaching out in the Community or to support to see if those can be addressed? I'd guess that most people are on the latest firmware version and certainly something from the last six months without problem, so there may be something worth investigating in your case. (Things you could try: disabling custom apps or drivers, a soft reset, making sure you don't have any runaway rules, etc.)

There are two things you can restore: firmware (only available on port 8081) and your hub database (Settings > Backup and Restore, some of which are automatically saved but you can save as many local copies as you want). Restoring an older DB to a newer firmware is usually fine, but you may want to pay attention to the release notes for issues that may result in going back in firmware without also restoring an appropriate database (the 2.1.7 changes to Thermostat Scheduler come to mind). But again, there isn't a way to go that far back in firmware--which it sounds like you're talking about--unless you have it available on your hub's diagnostic interface, but I'd recommend trying to solve your problems first.


Thanks!! Yes been trying to solve the problems with both support and community. There are a LOT of people in the community I have found with similar recent reliability issues... so something seems to have happened over the last few firmware releases that is no-bueno... I don't need another hobby so I just want to go back to when things worked fine . :slight_smile:
Thanks again- I'll check out the port and see where I can go . :slight_smile:

I do have the firmware I want to go back to available but of course I've added a lot of devices since then.

You mentioned that restoring a newer DB to an older firmware might be problematic (and I can believe that). Do you have anything more to say about that?

Do you think I am going to need to basically redefine all my devices from scratch ? I am OK rebuilding all the rules from scratch but re-defining all the devices might be a lot of work and trouble ")

Let's be clear...the Database and the platform firmware are two separate things. Restoring one does not restore the other. You can revert to an earlier platform firmware only if it appears on the list available in the menu on port 8081. A database backup from 6 months ago restored to your system now would keep you on your current platform version and just restore the database.

Yeah I get that.

I want to restore back to a previous platform... but ideally I would want to use my most recent database since it has my latest list of devices all named the way I want them etc.

I know I'll have to abandon rules b/c I have some RM4 rules in the latest db and RM4 did not exist in the platform I need to go back too.

Only the last couple of plaform versions will be available to restore to. One from 6 months ago is showing up on your list?

Off the top of my head, I can only remember the recent Thermostat Scheduler changes. What I'd suggest is to read through the release notes of every firmware version you've upgraded to since the one you want to roll back to and see if they mention anything there. If there are things to pay attention to with firmware vs. database, they should be called out in the release notes. I only remember this happening a few times. I know Rule Machine has had some changes, too, but I'm not sure if any are non-backwards-compatible. If you are using a problematic app, deleting it and re-creating it on the old version should still be OK.

Devices should mostly be OK, but anything with a driver that didn't exist back then would break in some way as well (not exactly sure how, but the drivers are part of the firmware, so I'd just check that after you downgrade). They should all remain paired, since, as you know, the device database (and hub database) is separate from the hub firmware.

That being said, I hope Support finds a resolution for your issues. With no custom devices or apps, this behavior is pretty rare (but was vaguely acknowledged in another thread I think you posted in as well), so I'm sure they'd be interested in fixing it.

Thanks very much.

I think there are a number of people having issues as my "reliabilty is gone" thread seems to have a lot of folks chiming in. I TOTALLY wish support could help but they basically must be so backlogged that nothing seems to be happening. I am actually wondering if I should double down and buy another hub as maybe mine has gone buggy... I don't know... but basically I can forget about sunrise or sunset working right anymore no matter what I do... and that is basically all I need! :slight_smile: