Can I program a button on a Caséta Wireless dimmer?

My dining room lights turn on super bright, so whenever I physically turn on the lights, I then need to take an extra step and hold a different button to dim down a bit.

My workaround for now is through Rule Machine. The trigger: switch turns on. The action: dim to 50%. This works but the lights still initially turn on to 100% brightness, before dimming to 50%--not ideal.

Is there a way to adjust what the button press on a Caséta dimmer does? Or, a better rule perhaps?

I found this:

Makes sense; is this still the case?

That is the case. When you hit the top button on a caseta dimmer it ramps up to 100% regardless of what the last setting was. There is no way to change that.

I'm prone to looking for a app or a rule or some chain of virtual switches, but this is very much a case for the simple option...just get a dimmer bulb :smile:

That's a lot of bulbs to account for...

Hence the smart dimmer.