Can i do something to show a button on a dashboard has been pushed?

I have a couple of dashboards and I use dashboard button objects backed up by virtual buttons that trigger rules. Is there a way to show that a button press has been pressed and the rule started? I'd love to get the button to change for a moment and then reset. I know I can do things like blink lights but that only helps if I'm near the thing that blinks.

Instead of a button, you could use a Virtual Switch (with auto off feature enabled). This way the dashboard Switch tile should momentarily change its state, and the automatically reset to off.

You’re Apps will need to be able to use a switch turning on as a trigger, instead of a button push event.


It took about 90 minutes to, 0ne by one:

  • Change the dashboard button to a switch
  • Change the virtual button to a virtual switch and set it to "auto-off to 2 sec"
  • Change the trigger on each rule from button to switch

Whew. Now I know when i push the switch it was pushed.

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