Can I control homebridge devices from hubitat?

Hi, I'm a longtime user of Smartthings and HomeKit/Homebridge. I have an dying device handler on Smartthings and for a few reasons might like to get it into Homebridge by writing a homebridge plugin. My question is, can either of the two Hubitat/Homebridge plugins be used to control Homebridge devices from Hubitat? Or, is it only the other way around, that the Homebridge plugins allows Homebridge to control Hubitat devices?

Because I'd like to be able to control the devices from both places, but, would rather only write one device handler.

In general it is home bridge can control HE devices.

So if you write an HE device handler, both HE and homebridge could control it (assume homebridge compatibility rules).

Sometimes there may be indirect methods using a virtual switch to create other forms of communication, but these are a bit more complex / convoluted.

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You don't identify what device but if you get it to connect to HomeKit, it will not be DIRECTLY controllable from Hubitat. This is an Apple limitation. They imagine they are the center of the Universe. There is a workaround by creating standard Hubitat virtual devices and sending them to HomeKit. There, you use Apple's HomeKit automations to tie the two together.

However, I'm puzzled by the fact you have a ST DTH and are targeting HomeKit.. it would seem much simpler to migrate the working DTH to a Hubitat Driver.


Or you could do this through Node Red without using HomeKit.

Ok, sub question. On SmartThings the SmartApp cannot connect to a local telnet device to get configuration. Since it runs in the cloud, I guess. The device handlers can connect, but not the SmartApp which creates the device handler instances.

On hubitat, I suppose the SmartApp setup routine also runs locally?

The device handler is on GitHub jeabraham smartthings-hunterdouglasplatinum (I'm not allowed to post links yet...)

Anyways, the three reasons I was thinking of writing a homebridge driver of an existing ST device driver were 1) to learn a bit about homebridge, 2) to learn more about node.js, and 3) because my homebridge is running entirely locally it could connect to the device for setup.

Hubitat is Local.

Hubitat can connect to a local Telnet. The Lutron Integration is amazing.

Which is why the Rube Goldberg machine you propose had me scratching my head. You have a DTH, convert it to a Driver, deploy it and then send it from Hubitat to HomeKit.


Ok! You convinced me. I guess I had a hidden forth reason, which was not quite ready to invest in a third platform. I have enough trouble with SmartThings and Homekit/Homebridge, do I really want to add Hubitat as another platform? But, now I realize that the third platform I should avoid is not Hubitat, but rather the new Smartthings developer platform.

So, I finally ordered the Hubitat device, and will try to avoid any further code-tinkering until it arrives. By then, if Canada Post is slow enough, maybe @emailtheedge will have already solved my Hunter Douglas Platinum port.

Also +1 for making me google "Rube Goldberg Machine"

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