Can i connect the following lamps to habitat?

i have bunch of fibaro switches and dimmers i can use,. and i can buy most switches\dimmers online if it is needed.

i have one of each and i want to connect them to habitat:

  1. Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light 450 (review) – Homekit News and Reviews

  2. Xiaomi Mi LED Ceiling Light

both are mounted on the wall. and connected and work well with mi-home

to turn on and off via fibaro it is possible .
but if i want to set two modes one with 100% power and one with 50% power is it possible ?

I have personally never seen these lights mentioned on these forums. They appear to be Wifi?

A couple sites mentioned these lights are actually manufactured by Yeelights? I am not sure. That might make them compatible. Yeelight is on the official devices list, but not sure if these exact ones are the same or not.

Go to 'Apps', press the 'Built-in Apps' button and select 'Yeelight Integration'.