Can I command Sonos devices in Hubitat to Play through Amazon Alexa

I am not seeing this anywhere as an option, is it possible?

My goal is to remove the Sonos integration with Alexa and leverage Sonos through Alexa using the Hubitat skill. Unfortunately I am not able to get this working. I see the Sonos player as a device option to authorize in the Alexa hubitat skill, but when I discover devices in the Alexa app the sonos players in hubitat do not show up.

Basically, all I want to do is tell my Amazon Alexa "play Bob Seger in the Living Room" where Living Room is the name of the Living Sonos player in Hubitat.

Works flawlessly between the Alexa App and Sonos integration, but I would prefer to control everything through the Hubitat app.

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Doesn't this work today with the Alexa sonos integration? Why would you want to get HE if it already works?

You can't do that if you want to issue the voice command through alexa anyway. It has to go through Alexa. So, why go from Alexa to HE to Sonos when you can just go Alexa to Sonos?

If Hubitat can in fact support Sonos using Alexa, then I would prefer keeping everything centrally managed through that. It's not a question of "why would I". As device and skill integrations continue to grow it does become more about central management, and I would prefer to address that at the onset rather than reverse engineer once my database has grown substantially. No big issue here however, the Sonos/Alexa integration will suffice.

The HE Alexa skill does not have the capability you need to do this. I would keep it within Alexa.

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