Can i call a url/webservice from a hubitat scene?

i want to have a scene intiated from a 3x click on a switch that has scene support and want to have that action call a web url to initiate a webservice that does something (like reports the property is cleaned for example).

Hello...welcome to Hubitat. What device are you talking about tapping 3x? Does that action result in a "button press" in Hubitat currently?

If so, how would you "initiate" this webservice? Do you mean make a simple HTTP GET call? Or HTTP Post call?

Do you want hubitat to do something with the information that is returned by the is webservice?

it would be an inovelli lzw31 red dimmer. would like to do it with (for example) a 3x down click. that action does have a tile on the device driver for that switch, so maybe that equates to a 'button press'? not sure of the terminology yet...

yes, a simple http GET would be ok. or a POST would be ok too. i don't need to post data, i just send the property id which can be hard coded as a url parameter on each property.

not required for my use-case, but would be really nice if i could make the inovelli indicate 'green' if i receive a 200 OK from http or red if i dont get a 200 or if it times out.

i haven't looked at the device driver yet (just cut and pasted it) but if it can be done there, i'll read the doc on it. just looking to be pointed in the right direction at this point.

thanks for your quick reply.

This can be done from rule machine. There is an option to send an HTTP GET or POST message. You just have to figure out what the triple tap triggers. I don't know that, you'd have to ask the person who wrote the driver.

That would be extremely complicated to do. But you are welcome to figure it out on your own. It would require adding the function of the HTTP call to the driver itself and then using the response from the HTTP GET to set the device notification. If that was over your head, then I've accomplished my goal. Let's walk before we try to run.