Can Hubitat read calendar events

I don't think that will work the way you want if you don't set up the trigger the way I showed you. That is how the info within the URL will be used by your piston. That's what I've been trying to tell you!!!

Update: I just tried it using the execution URL and IT DOESN'T WORK!!! You have to set up the trigger by the virtual device IFTTT and build the URL the way I showed you. If you use the execution URL, it will just execute the piston using the previous settings of the variable instead of updating to the new event description.

Thanks for being so friendly to a new person to Hubitat and WebCore. I will work on this on my own. Hoping the board would be helpful to new people.

I'm not here for my health. And when you don't listen it is very frustrating.

Fine, don't use this completely functional solution just because you don't want to follow directions. Good grief.