Can Hubitat determine the firmware version of a device


Yes, they seem very well made and I like the audible signal as well. I sent Waxman four for updating and not only did they do it at no charge, they threw in a packs of new batteries and re-designed battery covers (apparently fixing a potential problem with batteries not being securely held in place).


The funny thing about Wink, SmartThings (now) and Hubitat being able to see the firmware version, is the leakSmart bridge cannot. Or at least the last time I tried it about a year ago it could not.

Maybe I should hook up their bridge again, update it and leave the sensor connected to it for a few weeks to see if it will now update. Can't hurt anything. All I'm doing right now is burning through a set of batteries.


It upgraded! Not by the leaksmart hub, so I plugged the wink back in and after a few days it's finally v34



Excellent. That a firmware update that will save you quite a bit of money in batteries.


If it hadn't worked I was going to mod it to be plugged in. Nice that it did finally! Guess I'll keep the Wink hub around. Seems it's still good for something.