Can Hubitat create a circadian-lighting schedule for smart color bulbs so switches can be used like normal?


no its one or the other before RM 3.0 I used to have to get RM to trigger a Virtual button that would trigger the button controler to do some things but now this is all in RM. It is just easier to use the built in button controller app if you just want to do basic stuff (less to de bug)

post a screenshot of your rule


Here's a rule for one of my time periods:

And here's my "off" rule.


Took some logs. Even though the rule registered and is what actually changed the HSL value of the bulbs, you can see the default hue/saturation values are what was assigned to the bulb around 07:55:32.356 pm plus or minus two events. Only after the second press of button 1 did they take the appropriate color.

Additionally, at the top of the log (latest entries) I can't explain the hue/saturation values. I don't have those h/s values anywhere in my rules. The lights did indeed appear to turn off though.

The "off" rule is in my post above. Here is the "evening" rule:


I created a new thread since this one evolved too far past its original topic.