Can Hubitat control remote Hue bridge?

Sorry if my very first question is a silly one, but I'm not seeing a similar topic on the board yet. If I want to control Hue lights associated with a bridge at a different house, is that possible?

I was thinking it would be nice to incorporate my studio lights and remotely turn them on/off from Hubitat or voice assistant without resorting to the Hue app or driving over there.

You would need an integration that works with a Hue cloud API, which I do not think one exists (not sure if its even possible).

All the HE integrations I have seen use local LAN communication to talk to the hue bridge.

The Hue Integration is local, meaning that Hubitat hub must be able to see the Hue Bridge on the local network in order to transmit the command to the bridge. If you'd have a Hubitat Elevation hub in your studio, then you would be able to control Hue from Hubitat via Hubitat Mobile app, or using the cloud link for a Hubitat Dashboard.