Can Hubitat Control Devices via Google Home?

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I've recently joined and have a similar issue. I'd like my somfy altus blinds controlled by Hubitat. Hubitat can not control them but I did find a conexoon module that integrates with Google and somfy blinds. Is there anyway I can get Hubitat to control the blinds?
Appreciate any help you can provide. :pray::pray::pray:

Disclaimer: I don’t have the Somfy Altus blinds. However, I do have 6 Somfy Glydea RTS drapery motors (one pair of drapes operates as a Somfy “group” and moves in tandem, so, really, 5 independent devices). From what I see in the Somfy documentation, the Somfy Altus blinds are RTS as well.

Given that, there are several approaches with Hubitat.

  1. Somfy Z-Wave RTS Interface (#1811265) (“ZRTSI”). There are a couple of user-contributed drivers. I have used the one by Justin Walker (@augoisms), it works fine. An issue is that it is Z-Wave non-Plus using a Z-Wave series 300 chip, which matters to some. That’s why I no longer use it, all of my devices are Z-Wave Plus. You can get these on eBay, I believe I paid about $100 USD. Be aware that there are two models, be sure to get the one with 16 channels (Somfy # 1811265).

  2. Somfy myLink interface (#1811403), which is WiFi to RTS, supports 16 RTS channels. There is an older myLink “legacy” interface (#1811403 - yep, same part number) that only supports 5 RTS channels, that I would avoid. You can get these on eBay, I believe I paid about $140 USD. There is a Hubitat community driver for this, too, ported from SmartThings. It’s a little cumbersome to set up, but works fine, and is what I use.

  3. Bond Bridge - I haven’t used this, but there are several community members who have and who prefer this solution. I understand that there is a Hubitat community driver.

One problem with the Somfy RTS controllers and Somfy RTS devices is that the range is limited to about 30 feet. I don’t know if the Bond hub addresses this issue with a better antenna or better transmitter. The way I solved this was to add a couple of Somfy RTS Repeaters (#1810791 ) to our home. You can get these on eBay, I believe I paid about $100 USD.

Another problem with the Somfy RTS system (seen by any solution) is that it is a “write only” interface to the drapes/blinds. There is no way to interrogate the drapes/blinds and determine the position. As long as they are only controlled from Hubitat, that’s not an issue. However, if you also have wall-mounted Somfy Decoflex switches, or the handheld Telis remotes, etc, to control the drapes/blinds, then the Hubitat driver won’t have any idea what the current position is. Long story short, all you can do is send “Up” (open), “Down” (close), and “Stop”. If “Stop” is sent to drapes that are not moving, then the drapes move to “my favorite position”, a pre-set position. Perhaps the Altus blinds support this as well.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @672southmain. Disclaimer I am new to this.
What is the issue with point 1. I.e using z wave non plus? What does the plus actually mean. Also how do i use code others have written?
Thanks again. Much appreciated

This point has been discussed extensively in this forum. It’s not productive to re-hash all the excellent points that have been cogently made. In short, the routing and repair algorithms are superior in Plus, additional command protocols make communication more reliable, and make your mesh more resilient.

You can also use Hubitat Package Manager, an excellent user-contributed app by Dominick Meglio (@dman2306), to install and manage updates to your user-contributed code:

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate how frustrating it is to have people ask questions for things that have been discussed before. Thanks again will try and avoid it going forward :slight_smile:

I wasn’t frustrated at all. Please keep asking questions, curiosity is good. I just wanted you to understand that, when I answered briefly, it wasn’t a put down. You can search the forum if you want a more complete answer.

And welcome to the community, we are glad you are here.

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