Can Hubitat be the solution for this

Hi all

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am a 37 year old dutch guy, seriously concidering using hubitat to interconnect my smart home. However, i am wondering if hubitat can actually be the solution for the plethora of apps im am currently using.

Currently i have 2 hue bridges, mostly with hue lightning troughout the house. I also have some lidl (which is tuya i think) and innr lights connected to it. Some lidl smartplugs and some hue dimmer switches and sensors This works well.

Via ifttt app i connected my ring doorbell to the lights to indicate if someone is pressing the doorbell.

I furtermore have some yamaha musiccast setup throughout the house which i would like to connect. Furthermore i've got 3 smart haier hvac units which work via the Hon haier app. Both these items work via 2.4ghz wifi

In the future i would like to add more sensors besides the ones phillips has and if possible remove the ifttt app cause its limited. If i am really fancy i would like to connect it to my solar panels (solaredge) aswell to save energy, but this is just me running wild with ideas.

I did find a custom controller for yamaha receivers but i am not sure if it works dor other musiccast items. I didnt find anything for haier.

I dont have amazon or google devices since i dont use voice controls anyway.

Long story short. Is it possible to use hubitat to group everything together or is it something that i need home assistant for?

I will only mention that Alexa has proven to be a tremendously powerful means of "connecting" home automation ecosystems (e.g. Tuya and SmartLife, LG, Ring, etc.) that normally do not play well together. Now, not only can I directly control all my Hue, Z-Wave, zigbee and WiFi devices, Hubitat can (silently) direct Alexa to control anything else she knows about.

The ability to then use Alexa as a voice command center, not to mention music/TTS/announcements device, means lots of extra goodness for so little cost. Alexa has things like "Guard" mode and "Routines" (and probably 10 others things I'm not mentioning) which amplify the power of Hubitat. It's just another means of leveraging things like "Modes" or "Switches" to trigger automation "Rules", etc.

I use IFTTT as well, but have found lately that I really don't need it except for the most exotic of workflows, and even then, they are often just a test of what's possible, not especially practical.

Why Alexa and not Home Assistant? In the "format wars" between Amazon and Google, I decided early on that Amazon was "winning" and I still believe I am correct. And the Alexa Echo Skill integration used by Hubitat is ideal (not to mention simple) for selecting which of my hub's devices I want exposed to the Alexa-sphere.