Can HE control Alexa connected devices?

I'm considering this smart hose device that works with alexa, just wondering if I can control it from HE via Alexa as I'm sure it won't be directly HE supported yet?

Looks like there is a version that's directly supported by HE:

However, the question still stands, can HE control devices on the Alexa Hub?

I just ordered my Hubitat today but,
I am using the Lowes one and ST and can control it with Alexa. Had to use a community created DTH to get it to work better. Initially it paired as a generic ZigBee switch. Alexa discovers it as a switch, and I can turn it on and off via voice. I use it to flush the outside water bowl out for my two cats every 12 hours in the winter and every 4 hours in the 100 degree summers. The cats love it. They always have clean fresh water! I just cut and old water hose to length and zip tied it to a stake driven in the ground so that the hose comes down vertically into the bottom of the bowl with the hose just sitting up barely above the bottom of the bowl. This flushes all the crud and dirt out of the bowl. I use smart lighting and modified @mike.maxwell's old uDTH he developed for ST to use it to automatically turn on at certain times. I had to modify the uDTH to give me a 20 second delayed turn off time to get around the delay the orbit has when receiving open and close commands. 20 seconds works perfectly, there are no timing issues and its enough water to completely flush the bowl without wasting a bunch of water and making too much of a puddle around the bowl from the overflow.

When I get my Hubitat, this will be one of the last things I will migrate. I am just hoping it goes smoothly and easily. Time will tell.

Until the Hubitat Team adds support for Motion Sensors and Contact Sensors to the Hubitat Skill for Alexa, I cannot see any simple way for Hubitat to trigger an Alexa Routine.

The latest discussion regarding adding these features to the Alexa Skill can be found here.

Using the Assistant-Relay NodeJS server (Raspberry Pi) and Hubitat Driver that I wrote, this is possible using the Custom Command ([CC]) feature when requesting a Google Home device to perform a task. Unfortunately, the Faucet Timer you linked above does not appear to be supported on Google Home.

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The Alexa telnet driver I created can do this. Similar to Google assistant relay it requires the code to be on a device like a pi or similar.

There are some hangups with a two week cookie currently. Otherwise it has worked solid for me now for a few months.

I believe @ogiewon driver could be capable of the same. When I have some time I plan to see if I can figure out how to add the call. Shouldn't be too different than the call for tts.

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You don't happen to be a former (or current) SmartThings user, do you? If so, unlike the Hubitat skill, the ST skill on Alexa does support motion and contact sensors, so you could create a virtual sensor on Hubitat, tie it into ST with the community Other Hub integration, and then use that as part of an Alexa routine that could perform whatever action on the Alexa-only device. (You don't really need the hub online for this, just an ST location still set up in the ST IDE.)

So I guess the answer is still "no," but this is another workaround. :slight_smile: One that interfaces directly with Hubitat would definitely be easier. In general, ZigBee and Z-Wave devices are better than Wi-Fi devices here.

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