Can connecting to a specific wifi network trigger rules?

I was wondering if there's a way to create an event trigger of having a specific device connect to the home wifi. For example, if Sally's iPhone connects to the Home Google WiFi Network, execute X rule.

or if Sally and John's phones are connected to the Home Google WiFi Network, execute X rules., etc.

This might be what you are after:

Otherwise if you want to handle multiple networks then you will need something on the phone. If you were using Android I would recommend Tasker or MacDroid, but not sure if there is an Apple equivalent.


Agree the WiFi presence sensor should do it.

But I believe itโ€™s also possible to trigger an iOS Shortcuts app automation when the phone connects to a specific WiFi network; the shortcut could then send a webhook that triggers a rule machine rule.


Thanks both of you!!!

Just be aware with iphone you need to turn off private ip addressing if you do wifi presence


And give it a reserved address.


@larrybradshaw One last thing, I wouldn't rely on only that. I would use the built in presence sensor in combination with wifi using @jwetzel1492 's combination presence sensor driver.

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