Can Alexa be used as an output for TTS

i have multiple Alexa devices throughout the house and it would be nice to send TTS messages out to them is this possible?...

You're looking for Echo Speaks.


You can, though it isn't officially supported by Amazon - so at any moment Amazon could break the community integration. I would not count on it for super critical things.


Echo Speaks works great for me!

I use it to let me know when the sauna is ready among other things.

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I use mine to make sure the hot tub temperature doesn't drop!

If you want a solution that can’t be broken by Amazon, use a virtual contact sensor or this virtual device that has a linked Switch and contact sensor (works with Hubitat and smartthings):

Then you can have an Alexa routine, which is triggered by the contact sensor, announce whatever message you want. It’s what I use.

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