Can a Google Mini be added to Hubitat as a Speaker for Voice Notifications?

I am wanting to set up something so a Google Mini speaker says something like 'front door opened' when the front door sensor is tripped. Can this be done? If not, am I looking at something like a zwave speaker instead?

Yes you can.

You can use the inbuilt "Chromecast Integration" app :slight_smile:

You'll want to give the Mini a fixed IP address on your router.

I run mine with this app as well, as sometimes the Google Home devices get disconnected, even with a fixed IP:

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Hey @cometfish do you get any TTS Queueing issues when using this App ?
I'm getting some and wonder if this would resolve it.

Yeah: I used to find the minis would just ignore TTS requests after a while. Going to the device page would list the queued stuff it hadn't played.

I have the Helper app set to a 60 minute refresh, and they haven't missed a message since :+1:

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Sweet man. I’ll give it a try.

60! I thought I was being adventurous going to 6 from a app recommend 4

Haha, thought I'd start out slow, and if the GHs still had problems, make it more frequent. Didn't have to adjust it.

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