Can a device listed as 2.5ghz be included somehow?

My wife purchased a lamp for the living room that has adjustable color temp/ brightness. Basically, it has a LED strip wrapped around a pole inside a fabric cover. The Box says 2.5ghz . The remote doesn't have any kind of marking stamped on the back, it does have a Wi-Fi button, but with no app, it is not on our home wifi. I assume it must be on its own wifi, similar to a wireless keyboard. I tried the old press the button and look at it through the camera of the phone to see the purple light, but there isn't one. Is there any way I could somehow include this? gotta admit it's irritating me a bit that it seems I can't, It will be replacing a pretty central lamp in our living room that has several automation set up around it. I guess worse case, I might be able to plug it into a Zwave outlet and have control of on and off, but no control of temp or brightness. That seems sort of sill to do only to have it partially automated, but still need to dig the remote out to set the temp, brightness, etc. I have considered replacing the LED strip with something I know IS compatible, but Im not sure she would be agreeable to that at this point. Any suggestions or ideas? Maybe something that could offer me some options for other devices in the future? I have also considered looking for ways to include our electric fireplace/heater, Honeywell air purifier, etc.

I doubt it’s WiFi, and you probably have very few options to control with Hubitat.

It sounds like a light fixture with a dumb RF remote.

A device like a Broadlink RM3 can learn RF remote codes, and has an integration with Hubitat.

So that might work. And if your other devices use IR or RF remotes, the Broadlink might be able to control them as well.

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Do you happen to know what the difference between the Rm3 and RM4 is? I'm seeing both on Amazon, looks like maybe the RM3 is Only IR? but I don't see a mention of the RM3 on their website. If the RM3 is only IR, then it seems like maybe the RM4 would have the most options for other future applications.

Can you post a picture of the lamp and the remote?

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Torchlet LED Standing Lamp with Remote Control, Adjustable Color Temperature and Brightness, Modern Floor Lamp with Fabric Shade for Bedroom, Living Room -

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This is Tuya device - if you install the SmartLife app on your mobile, you will be able to control it via Tuya cloud.

You can also use some of the community Tuya Cloud integrations to bring it to Hubitat.

After you make it working via the cloud, then you could try also local control (you’ll need to setup the Cloud account as a first step in order to obtain the encryption keys needed for the local control )



I'm away from home now. I'll look for that app when I have a chance.

Definitely would like to do that. Are they all similar? or is there a particular one you recommend?

That would definitely be the end goal. I've been steadily dropping as many cloud connections as I practically can.

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You can try [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support)
It is very important to follow strictly the instructions linked in the first post when creating your 'developer account'.

For local control - you can use these instructions :


Slightly off the original topic, but how did you know it was Tuya? I didn't see any mention of it anywhere. make me wonder how many other things I have that might be Tuya I never realized before.

I can smell a Tuya product miles away! :grinning:

(just joking, Smart Life is mentioned in the Amazon comments)


oh durp! I didn't even see that, probably just didn't read far enough. But that still leaves me wondering, if I run across a device in the future that I don't know, how could i figure out if it was Tuya or not?

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There is no 100% sure way to determine if a smart device is based on the Tuya ecosystem or not... Just look for 'Smart Life' in the product description or the website comments, although there are a lot of rebranded / white-labeled Tuya products where 'Tuya' or 'Smart Life' will not be mentioned.

Generally, if the description says it is WiFi, if they advertise that you can control it from Google Home or Alexa, and if the device price is really low for such gadgets, there is a good chance it will be Tuya based.

It is very difficult to make a cheap IoT product without using a ready Cloud development platform, such as Tuya... The costs for software development for such a mobile app and the expenses for the Cloud services will cost hundreds of thousands of $$$...