Camera Support


I searched the forums but didn't find specific info on supported cameras (specifically for dashboard integration).

Apologies if I missed the info.

What camera types can be integrated into a dashboard? I currently have wired cameras connected via DVR that I can view in Tinycam app (Andriod).

I also have Ring video doorbells and Amazon Cloud Cam cameras.

Can any of these types be integrated?



I have the same questions. I would like to know if my DVD and Ring doorbell can be added.

Did you ever get them working?

I'd be happy to see RTSP support for my axis camera.

Currently, there is no native integration for cameras in HE. There are also no Ring integrations and no cloud camera integrations.

There is a Blue Iris integration that @bptworld wrote that I use for my Amcrest DVR system that allows you to mirror your HE modes with your BI profiles and utilize your cameras as motion sensors.

With all that said, there are workarounds. You can use something like Blue Iris or Shinobi (or maybe Zoneminder) that will serve up mpeg images that can be ingested into the dashboards. For Ring, I've seen people utilize IFTTT as an integration method (but only for motion/capture events and not images). I've not seen anyone use the Amazon Cloud cams though.

I doubt we ever will as that would require a lot more horsepower than the HE hub could deliver. In order to utilize RTSP streams, there has to be some sort of ffmpeg compatible transcoder available on the HE hub. I'm not sure of the internals of the HE hub, but I guarantee you it's not enough to be able to transcode multiple RTSP streams.

Excellent point. I'm dreaming of a single integrated front-end interface that my wife could use to access my HE and Security Cams, doorbell, etc. Right now, Alexa is the best solution for ease of use for family members. :slight_smile: For now, the security cameras remain separate. Unfortunately, I have three different camera types (a dvr system, ring doorbell, and a Linksys rotating camera).

Anyway... thanks again for your response on RTSP support; it makes sense although I imagine it would be possible to integrate HE into a computer-based dashboard that is displaying RTSP feeds also.

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There are ways to do that. HE has a web socket (albeit undocumented) interface for listening to events from devices and the Maker API for control of devices. HousePanel ( comes to mind as a solution for both a desktop (computer) interface as well as mobile devices.

Personally, I use NodeRed as my dashboard on my PC and Google Home as my wife's "dashboard". Blue Iris is the web interface for my Amcrest DVR system.

I know that the HE team is working on a Dashboard v2.0 product, so it'll be interesting to see what features they come out with. :slight_smile:

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