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I don't have any experience with the Wyze doorbell, but I have a couple Wyze cameras and they work well. A wide variety of Wyze triggers are readily available for integration and automation, including doorbell press, through IFTTT.

Hubitat is also available through IFTTT for both triggers and actions. Linking a Wyze doorbell press to an HE z-wave relay with a 500ms reset to off should be fairly straight forward and easy to implement in IFTTT. The relay with reset acts like a momentary push-button which then activates your chime. There are many ways to program the relay to act as a momentary switch either through a rule, auto-off, or sometimes through a setting in the relay itself depending on features/functions.

Zooz Zen 16 will work easily, but is overkill for a simple single device relay. There are likely many other options out there which will also work.

Bottom line is once you get the device actions and control into HE (or some similar automated environment), linking them together is the easy part.

Ugh. Thanks for the suggestion but I’m not sure having a doorbell rely on the cloud is workable. IFTTT can take minutes to respond sometimes, not always but 10-30s is common in my experience. That means by the time my doorbell rings, the person has left. It also means if the internet is down, my doorbell can’t ring. IMHO a doorbell is a device that has to be local.

Understand. I have ring doorbells in several homes and have found the same/similar delay issues even through the Ring native app. The app can be slow to respond, and the local Ring Pro activation of a conventional doorbell is also unreliable, even after trying new chimes/power supplies/etc. It may work better with an electronic doorbell, haven't tried that.

Hence In all my cases (3 separate houses now) I've put Ring Chimes (Chime Pro) in the homes that I use the ring doorbell, and in one case 3 separate chimes to cover basement/main floor/upstairs.

For me it's the trade-off of having a video/remote doorbell.

I've only used IFTTT for the 'unofficial' ring integration to send web requests over to HE to activate the Ring virtual devices. The ring to HE integration works great from what I've seen. The motion detections/etc seem to respond reliably and timely, no issues that I've noted. However, I haven't integrated these into any automations. Therefore I also haven't measured the delay, nor do I have anything that would make it highly noticeable.

The Arlo video doorbell connects to the leads from the existing doorbell. You do add a power adapter to the wiring, but that was easy. It is instant for the traditional doorbell I have.

I do have something setup with node red that is near instant as well as long as Smartthings isn't having issues. The key with that is it goes from the video doorbell to my arlo 4540 base station to the Arlo Cloud to Smartthings cloud to a node red restful api setup with Samsung Automation Studio to hubitat. All of that does happen pretty quick when everything is working optimally. You can trigger anything you want from the button push once that happens.

When you say MP3 chime do you just mean the chime is a mp3 sound and not a traditional one, or is it something has a sound you loaded. There are a few siren devices thay can take a loaded MP3 sound.

Arlo can also attach multiple alro chime devices if needed to the base station if needes.

One other option is if you wantes to just have audio in some places you could attach just the regular audio doorbell as well. I believe you can assign different chimes to different doorbel devices.

Another recommendation for Blue Iris and pick your best camera solution for the need.

BI can also integrate with HE.

I use a Uniden WiFi video doorbell that works well and has a phone app. The camera is also available white label through some OEM integrators. Also works with BI. Also works with existing 24V doorbells for power and bell - some may need a resistor added but it's a simple fix.

I have a couple Wyze cameras with their RTSP image loaded and feeding BI. Not the most reliable but good for secondary cameras.


You are going to skip the entire Wyze ecosystem because they don’t have a doorbell that works with a chime?

I am not a coder, but surely a rule could be used so when a sensor detected the Wyze chime going off, that would trigger a switch to ring your doorbell chime.

Understand about the wife thing …

I have a bunch of Arlos and have had reliability problems with them. Out of a dozen or so three have failed. Some of them I attribute to Arlo pushing firmware upgrades but I still had to replace the cameras. The last time I managed to sort of manipulate Arlo into replacing them for me but it was not a good experience. However, given your requirements, you may not find the "perfect" solution.

Though this is true. BI along with other systems that analyze the video stream and record may need a continuous video feed. Without that it may be hard for it to record and operate properly. I use a setup with Motion on linux for video and audio recordings from two Eufy Indoor cameras. When others have tried my directions with it in the Eufy forums for battery powered cameras, it works kinda, but works best with continuous video feed. The effect of the screen going blank and then suddenly coming back from RTSP cameras can act as a trigger or cause strange results.

We need to keep in mind that the request is for battery powered options.

Arlo certainly isn't the company it was years ago. I have been less and less impressed as time has passed after it was broken off of Netgear. The new company has been very focused on subscriptions and getting continuous funds from each user. It can be used without a subscription though. That is why I started my first post in this thread the way i did. The problem is you can't really argue with how well they fit the requirements here. The really sad thing now is they won't even provide phone support for a user now if they don't subscribe for at least one camera for 3 bucks a month. Well that is atl east after the initial trial period is over.

I think the best option is a solution that everything would be powered over POE, and can use PIR, and AI for motion detection. It records continuously to a NVR or Blue Iris. The doorbell requirement would have to be a add on from the normal camera system. Simply put i don't think any system will allow what a doorbell needs. Perferably a Doorbell that has a option for RTSP or OVNIF that the NVR or BI can record. That simply handles the recording, but would still use the OEM's features for the door bell functions.

The problem is obviously that isn't Battery/solor powered or Wifi so. Arlo is my suggestion for a full retail package that should just install in run based on how it designed.

It depends. Does wyze trigger a local api or something when it’s pressed? If it does I could make it work. I haven’t really researched them much at this point


I agree. I have an entire arlo system sitting on the shelf that I pulled because I wanted full time recording. (got tired of arlo taking pictures of people walking away from the camera because of start-recording latency).

I know unifi is not what he's looking for, but that's what I did. Bit the bullet and ran the cables and poe.. don't regret it.


I just ripped out my Linksys consumer-grade meshed network and went 100% Unifi with PoE access switches on every floor and a 24-port PoE switch in the basement. The Unifi Protect app will run just fine on my UDM. I'm definitely headed for Unifi cameras as the next step. But pulling 1,000 feet of cat6a through a 130 year old home was not fun. The thought of running cat6 (would not use 6a) for cameras is a little daunting at the moment.

The arlos are OK when they work... but I agree full-time recording is one of my requirements for my next-gen system.

What works well with Hubitat should also be an important factor. Ring does not at all including their alarm.

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Mines a little older than yours. 2x8 port POE switches, 1x5 port POE powered switch. USG router, cloudkey 2+, and an unvr. Total of 8 cameras. 2 wireless AP's

I will never use battery powered camera ever again. Yes, running the cables was not fun, but so worth it in the end.

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This is not exactly a Arlo problem though. It is a problem with battery powered cameras in general. This is one of the nice things arlo has done along time vs other battery powered solutions. Arlo has given the option to have battery and continuous power options. That is why I made the point about why different options are enabled when plugged into power. With arlo being plugged in it uses motion based triggering instead of just PIR. The Arlo Q cameras do this by default.

I am very happy with Wyze Cams themselves though HE integration is minimal (not HEs fault). IFTTT is an option (not a good one) as mentioned above.

There is an unofficial/undocumented Wyze Api but it has to be polled so not Event driven. :frowning_face:

Don't have the doorbell but I setup my Wyze Cams to act as motion sensors in hubitat. Can be done through IFTTT but I echo your concerns about delay. While it is still cloud based, I use Tasker set up on a old android tablet (powered on 24/7) to intercept Wyze notifications. Tasker then sends a GET request to a WebCore Piston that activates the corresponding virtual motion sensor or in this case of a doorbell, play an mp3 track.
The delay is minimal, <2s, but that assumed that all the pieces are working correctly.

I think we need to stay on task for what the OP has asked for. Seems like we are getting into the weeds as what each of us likes or don't. An possibly diverting from the OP wants/needs. Maybe some more clarity as to what he is willing to deal with can help.

To be clear nothing integrates directly with Hubitat. It doesn't have any awareness of what a camera is.


I agree its not an arlo only issue, its a "battery camera issue". I guess I was just trying to point out that I don't think dman is going to find a battery solution that touches all his requirements that he is going to be satisfied with. I tried for a long time and finally gave up.

Neither battery operated or wifi based cameras are synonymous with reliability.

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Well I don't know enough about the OP's exact situation to know if that is true or not. I figured we should provide solutions based on the requirements he/she posted and not simply assume and tell him/her what we think is better.

No but battery camera systems depend on PIR to detect motion then wake up to do the recording. This is just the fact to prevent the battery from draining fast.

A system that uses motion along with those features looks at pixel change and is always on. They also tend to have a cache of video stored before motion is detected.