Camera Integrations?

Hi! which camera system integrates better with Hubitat? Im needing some outdoor, and indorcameras to setup in a new project, along with a camera doorbell as well, but I would like to buy a system that integrates with hubitat and acitvates other devices such as lights and sirens.

Which do you recomend?

For myself I use Foscam Cameras with Xeoma for my NVR... Works well enough for my purposes. (Though I have a ring doorbell)

Are you looking for a system that is local only or can rely on an external API?
Are you looking for low-cost or high-end?
What do you want for power? Battery, Power over Ethernet (PoE), wired power plug?

An example I use is Blink cameras. But they are owned by Amazon and rely on their (undocumented) API. Not factors that make me happy (but I started with them back before they were taken over). But they are pretty cheap for what you get and have been VERY reliable.

Could you pass a photo of the camera in HE, to see how it looks? do you have delay?

I use a Camect NVR coupled with what ever cams are compatible (Amcrest, Dahua, wide varitety of many brands). I use Amcrest 4k cams but many other brands are compatible. Great AI and object id and with the Hubitat community integration everything is local. Only limitation (and it may be significant is that it is limited to about 24MP. There is talk of releasing a 60MP model. For me, 24MP is adequate as I primarily use Camect for object id and record 24/7 to a high capacity NVR. I only view Camect at 1080p (2MP) and around 4-5MP anyway for screening/monitoring for object recognition. It is unparalleled (great object recog, accurate and reliable) for this. You of course will have many many options with Hubitat and it is great to be able to use the object recognition of your security camera system in your automationprojects, and to do so completely locally (like HE, you do need internet to get it up and running but once set up, it can run without any cloud connection). Good luck and have fun!


I too have camect. Great system. I use Foscam camera's with mine.


Hey @bptworld,

Great minds think alike (although in the case of HE, I strongly suspect…no, I know…yours is greater than mine, :grin::laughing::laughing:) !!!

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We use Unifi Protect. Have it fully integrated thanks to @tomw


Tinycam running on a old phone, it has webhooks, can use most cameras with it

Recordings, uploading to cloud ic. Google drive

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