Camect Connect


Hard to explain how much fun it is to see an entry like this on Hubitat:
1-Carport just saw a squirrel.


Get notifications for squirrels, raccoons, skunks etc. fairly frequently in my yard. Here’s one on the front porch identified as a “cat” lol.

A very large, “puddy cat” indeed!


It classifies our foxes as cats. And deers as dogs. But at least it’s not going odd when a bug goes by like every other system has to deal with.

Mine is pretty good with foxes. We have one neighborhood cat, Mugsy, who is big and has an exceptionally bushy tail - he sometimes gets tagged as a fox.

In my experience, Camect has been extremely good at accurately ID’ing and discriminating between squirrels, raccoons, skunks and opossums. As expected, small deer and coyotes are ID’d as dogs with small dogs sometimes ID’d as cats. Cats (large and small) are pretty accurately ID’d. Mountain lions and large bobcats have been correctly ID’s (as in my front porch example) as cats, although there is a huge difference to us what type of cat it is, lol ! (No bears in our neighborhood yet thank goodness).

Its nice that we can use Hubitat along with the Camect object recognition so that things like bugs and insects do not trigger motion lighting or push notifications.

I only have “persons” (when house is armed), “dogs” (for coyotes), “cats” (for when a mountain lion or bobcat enters the perimeter), “skunk” (for obvious reasons) and “raccoon” (around the trash cans) trigger motion lighting and the sprinkler system. Has really helped to eliminate false and/or excessive notifications. Thank you again to @brianwilson !

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