Calling All Aussies - Zwave Secure Connect


Hi all,

Been trying to connect a couple couple of different Zwave devices in the secure mode and hitting a brick wall. Bobby (support) has been helping and he reached out to Melburnian who has had the same problems also unresolved.

Has any Aussie securely connected anything (lock, garage opener) to date. What is the secret sauce?

I'm failing on the Aeotec Garage Door openers ZW062 b and a couple of door locks. I had no problem as did the Victorian in connecting to Vera.

I'm wondering if its the Zwave radio dongle?


(NSW Central Coast)

(Do we need to set up a pinned thread or local support group?)


I think I tried for a few minutes and gave up, pairing non-secured. Not conclusive, but maybe more evidence.


Thanks Mike, that's 3.


I'm having the same issue with the Aeotec Garage Door opener. I can see the state of the door sensor changing but control is completely non functional. Physical button on the device works without issue. Have removed and re-added several times. Currently using in Newcastle Australia.


Hi Chris,
Have a look at the connection box when you pair the device. It will show end points etc. Needs to show" zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true", if not the device won't work. I'm now convinced it's an issue with the Zwave adapter since i have replaced mine with an Aeotec Zstick and all works well. I have 3 different secure device pairings. One of the engineers at Hubitat has been looking at it, I'll pass on your issue as one more for the pile!


We have a fix for the secure Z-Wave issue with the AUS stick in our upcoming 2.1.0 release.


That's good news Bruce!


Great to hear. Is there an expected release timeframe for 2.1.0 ? If it's a while away then it will influence my decision to either wait it out or bite the bullet and just order a ZStick instead.


Not sure. My guess is within a week.