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I have my skylights controlled by 2 smart outlets. One outlet closes the skylights and the other opens them using the nomally open/normally closed wires. It takes 24 seconds for open or close. I use a virtual switch which turns either the closed or open outlet on for 24 seconds respectively. This works brilliantly. I know it would be easier with a fibaro garage door opener or similar, however I have these outlets hanging around so why not use them! So at the moment my skylights are fully open or fully closed. I was looking to use a virtual dimmer to control them, but I don't know where to begin. I.e. if dimmer 100% then open for 24 seconds, if dimmer 50% then open for 12 Seconds and so on. I assume I do this with a GV but I don't understand how to do the math logic. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for reading and helping :+1:

If you think of the amount of openness as a percentage 0 to 100, with 0 closed and 100 fully open, you know that it takes 24 seconds to go from 0 to 100, right? So, you want to control it with a number between 0 and 100, just like a dimmer. I did something like this for shades, doing positioning through calculation based on timing..

You need a controller, how about a virtual dimmer? This could be derived from a number variable connector, and this will allow you to do the math. You need to set the dimmer to 0 if you know through event that the skylight is closed, and to set it to 100 if you know it is fully open.

Let's call its current position Y and where we want it be X. If Y > X we need to close it by (Y - X), and if Y < X we need to open it by (X - Y). Whatever that number is, multiplied by 24 and divided by 100 ( the percentage) is the number of seconds to run which ever side we need, open or close. That's easy with two actions:

On: open-outlet
Off: open-outlet Delay (that number of seconds)

With a decimal variable in RM you can do the variable math for multiple times 0.24. There is a bit of complexity here to deal with, since you want an answer like 3.2 seconds, and a dimmer has integer values only. A decimal variable will work for this. So our current position gets put into a decimal variable after each action. And the (Y - X) * 0.24 math gets done into another decimal variable, and then that variable is used in the Delay.

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Cheers for this. It's blown my head a little but the more I read it, there more the sense it makes. I'm sure I'll get there with a lot of tinkering today in RM. Appreciate your detailed response :+1:

@bravenel , I've been messing around for a lot of today and think I'm making progress with different tests. What i can't work out is how to do variable math with several elements of the formula. I.e i can do one variable minus another variable but that's where it ends. How can I do X-Y *24/100 for example. Any screenshots would be appreciated. However, slowly moving in the right direction and appreciate your support :+1:

You have to use temp variables at each intermediate stage.

Brilliant, that makes such sense and i've tested it. Its flawless! ok, for the next steps now....Thanks Again :slight_smile:

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