C8 Zwave radio keeps going to sleep

If you didn't do so already, you may want to create a case by visiting support.hubitat.com, as you've done in the past. But since you've reached out here, and already had a case on file, I went ahead and looked at your hub.

It appears that you are dealing with this problem: C-8 Hub's Z-Wave Failed Overnight - #3 by velvetfoot

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Agree - it sounds like the same issue.

Any suggestions Bobby? thank you jj

It is, you had 3 backup failures in the past few months, one on 7/18, one on 8/6 and one last night.

So not sure what a backup failure has to do with this issue - please educate me. The failure (i.e. Zwave radio stops working) occurs during the day at random. It will be working fine for days and then just dies mid day, several hours after backup times. thank you again jj

I wish I had an explanation, but if we did, you wouldn't have this issue, because it would be fixed :slight_smile: We are tracking this down, though.

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10-4, thank you for the fast response. Let me know if you need anything from my end, thanks again jj

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One more bit of feedback - the C8 that you saw that failed the backup last night is the one that had the Zwave radio go to sleep. The radio stopped working yesterday afternoon but i was not at home. It wasn't until this morning that i was able to do a shut down and remove power. thx j

Didn't go to "sleep". It crashed and never woke up until you powered cycled. It happens a few hours after the failed backup.

So I am scratching my head then. Backups occur early in the am and the C8 after the backup ran fine all day - as in 12+ hours after the backup.

Join the club, but didn't run fine more than 2 hours after the cloud backup failed.

Roger that j

I'm curious how long you've left them unresponsive ... do they ever recover on their own?

overnight most recently, failed yesterday and restart after shutdown and power cycle today, j

They will not recover on their own - you must cycle power on the hub. j

When you power cycle, you're actually shutting the hub down first before pulling the plug right? If you're just pulling the plug to power cycle, you could make things worse with database corruption. Just an FYI is all.

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I am over the top aware of that. I always do controlled shutdowns.

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Just making sure :slight_smile: A temporary option would be to temporarily turn off cloud backups until the issue has been resolved.

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