C8 with Ring Range Extender gen2

I have three of the Range extenders and with the new hub they appear to be useless. Almost all my zwave devices route directly to the hub. Those that don't chose a nearby switch or the all time favorite, an Eco-Net Water Valve. Oh well. Maybe they will play a future roll with the old C7 hub just not sure what.In the meantime seems their only role is to notify me when the power goes out at my house. Overkill?

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Never! :rofl: I have 4 that are pretty much idle at the current time.


I also have 2 and no longer any think connecting to. I use 1 of them in a rule to let me know house power is down (they change from "mains" to "battery" when power goes out at where they are plugged into) so I will keep them plugged in.

I did the antenna mod on my C7 Zwave hub a while back and nothing really routes through these repeaters. I am with @thebearmay as I specifically bought them to be notified for power outages or if say a specific circuit trips like the one running my freezers/fridges.


I'm keeping mine for using when power goes out (to trip shutdown routines)


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