C8 Wi-Fi drops offline

New hub c8. Running fine for couple of weeks. Sometimes just goes offline / not reachable. I have this running over WiFi. Prefer to keep Wi-Fi so it’s central. Rebooting fixes the issue. I don’t see anything odd in logs. Anything can be done to troubleshoot? When it drops offline the ll status light remains green

Not an expert, but it's supposed to be fixed according to this thread. Do you have the latest update?

Can you PM me the hub id? I can check out the engineering logs on the hub.

Sent pm with ID

From my ovrc log went offline 4:12am and came back 1017am pacific upon reboot today. I was on

hubitat.local connected to the cloud

10:17AM April 12, 2023 PDT

hubitat.local disconnected from the cloud

4:12AM April 12, 2023 PDT

@gopher.ny doesn’t let me send pm because I am new to forum. How can I share that with you?

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Thank you. That was happening on and that was released a week or so ago so I assume that was supposed to be addressed already. I just updated to and keep monitoring

Thank you!

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Does your router do any kind of optimization around that time? Someone else had a similar problem and they turned that off. (Was unifi I think)

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I am using the COMCAST / xfinity provided mesh pods so not seeing any granular options unfortunately. It’s the only device this happens to.

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I'm not using wifi anymore. Just ethernet. Still having issues.

Same issue again. @gopher.ny any luck looking at logs?


04/15/2023 01:11 AM

Look at your backup schedule. Is it around the same time?

Nope. Backup is 3am local time. @gopher.ny any luck from logs?

I just updated to latest version 215 but don’t see any Wi-Fi fixed issue in release notes. I also just enabled auto reconnect feature in network settings, not sure if this has any impact? This was off by default

You mean, right? I don't think there were any networking fixes in recent builds, last changes in that area were in .118.

Gopher is a little inundated w/user logs to look at recently, hopefully he'll get back to you soon.

Yep correct. For what it’s worth it see it rebooted on its own (no idea why) and never came back online on its own.

systemStart System startup with build: 2023-04-15 01:13:23.274 AM PDT

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Following up… continuing to troubleshoot. So what I learned is that c8 attempts to connect to last known hotspot (which may not be strongest) or even be offline. It doesn’t try to reset Wi-Fi radio and scan again. My power was out and when power came back the Wi-Fi didn’t come in on time before the hub gave up and was sitting in disconnected state but (light was solid green). I have auto connect enabled at 10 min intervals in network setting. Once my Wi-Fi was back up I power cycled the hub and it came back with no issues.

@gopher.ny would not be possible to add logic to reset Wi-Fi radio if gateway ping fails? Just seems the radio stack is being lazy and not trying to reconnect.

@Toster One thing you could do if your ap's allow it is to create a seperate SSID ONLY on the ap closest to your Hubitat and attach hubitat to that. That way it always goes to that one. I had to do this myself because even with power balancing my AP's, my iotawatt would try to connect on occasion to one farther way and eventually drop off. Once I re did it like that I haven't had a problem since.

Good idea but Not an option because I am using xfinity mesh and have just one ssid setting.

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