C8 still loosing memory every night after local backup

After my 6 am backup


It might be informative to disable local backup for a day or two.
Did anything special occur at the April 18th backup? It looks like after the April 18th backup at the backup time the free memory has a downward trend suggesting it levels off at 200,000 the might jump back up to > 400k. Can you tell if this cycle repeats?

Just referencing the last 3 days you can see the regular drop
.ignore the earlier ones. Hub spontaneously rebooted so i restored a backup just in case anything was corrupted. It does NOT jump back up
It IS loosing memory every night at 6 am backup

If its not causing a problem then dont worry about it. I have been down to around 90Mb and hub was still going fine.

It does cause a problem after mine gets to 120 or so things get slow and stop working. And i need to reboot it. So max up time is about a week. If they can find the leak and fix it that could be better... thus why i am bringing it up.


I've noticed this as well, on a client's machine running (I think it's a C-5)

I'm not sure what was causing it, so I immediately put in the Hub Information device( thank you @thebearmay) , and now I have that machine automatically reboot when it's less than 140K free memory.

This is new, and it shouldn't have an impact older machines.

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bump @mike.maxwell

still doing this in latest firmware

doing what exactly?

as noted dropping memory after a local backup every night. see graph for 6 am backup

I had to stop the nightly backups because memory was dropping 75MB to 100MB every night. Maybe 1 out of 5 nights some of the lost memory returned. The Hub memory dropped so low the hub would need to be rebooted once a week. This was happening on all 3 hubs (each running different apps and devices) I have.

With backups off I no longer have the need to reboot accept when updating. The backup before updates is the only one I get now.