C8 randomly locking up?


Hoping someone could take a peek and let me know if there is something I can do. I have noticed, a very small handful of times, that my C8 seems to become unresponsive!

When it does it i notice my SharpTools dashboard has errors when trying to activate a device, and logging into the C8 is painfull. I can seem to get into it directly to the IP, it takes about 5 min and then it will come up, going into anything such as devices also eventually works but takes about 5 min.

Last event was on Saturday the 10th, we were out of town all day and it was fine in the morning. Came back to the non working condition. Took about 15 min but I slowly got into it and was able to hit reboot on the device and it was 100% good to go after it came back. I could have power cycled for quicker results but wanted to see if it would still work 'bunged up', I may add a wifi smart plug on the hub just so I can remotely power cycle if it happens again. I am still new and learning but here are some snap shots of the hub logs.

I am thinking it could be my WIZ pot lights? All the getcurrent status seems to line up roughly with the location events severe CPU load. I have the smart bulbs on dumb switches at the moment. it is a pain in the ■■■ because the kids will stil flick the switches by accident sometimes and I find that regardless of it looking for the status, it is not reflecting correctly. I am waiting on some shellys that I am hoping to use to keep power on 24/7 to the bulbs and the manual switch can be used with the relay to trigger the action. Keeping everything happy. My thoughts are that it would be rare for it to lose the light status if its either triggered from a dashboard or a rule. Thing is if the status is what is bunging up the processor this wont fix that, unless I look at removing all the bulbs and colour/dimming and just run the shellys. I will poke to see if I can turn off the constant pulling of info.

Please let me know what you think.

Can you PM me the hub id? I'll take a look at the engineering logs on the hub.

I converted all WIZ lights to the built in Wiz Integration, I originally could not get it to work so I used the zranger1 community driver. Now that everything is moved over and working, I have no more severe CPU loading or scheduled events from the lights...thinking this was the issue for sure with the zigbee radio being the first to get turned off.

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