C8 no longer can add devices

Also - what hub FW version are you running?

As @aaiyar notes, shut down-pull power-wait a minute-power up again often cures issues like this.

If problems persist, have you added or removed any devices recently? Added or removed any LAN integrations?

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so I did a shutdown from settings. then pulled power. it booted and showed green but not able to connect. cycled again and now able to connect. still not able to add devices just runs without initializing device. both devices are right next to hub. t6 pro tstat & zooz double relay. neither add. both are factory reset and both go into inclusion mode. v2.3.6.146. noticed this morning a lot of devices not responding to commands

I added a vision double relay last night but it did not show status change on children so I removed it (I used the the generec double relay driver but custom app because it is discontinued). tried to add another devices last night but gave up when it would not connect.

Take a look at your Z-Wave Details page (Settings>Z-Wave Details.

Do you see any entries at/near the bottom of the list that aren't complete (one or more columns don't have entries), or any mains powered entries in your Z-Wave Details page in general that have nothing in the last column - the Route column?

When Z-Wave devices try to add and fail they can create "ghosts" in the hub which can then cause problems. The one you tried to add last night may have created a ghost and will need to be removed (along w/any others).

Post a screen cap of your Z-Wave Details page.

I think about 1/2 my devices no longer have a route.

For the most recent attempts to add devices to your hub, (like the one at the bottom?) hit the "Refresh" button a few times and see if you get a "Remove" option. If you do, take that option. Removing the recent add failures that have come up as ghosts should allow your mesh to settle and routes for older devices should re-appear.

See this post - look at the "Built-in methods" section w/info that @jtp10181 provided.

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thanks. working on it.

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Get rid of as many of the ghost nodes as you can from the Hub UI, may need to be patient with it, but persistent. Once you do that try another power cycle of the hub to reboot the radio.

Once it comes back up, wait a couple minutes and then try activating some of the devices physically. This will force the devices to re-route.

You could also try a full Z-Wave repair, but only do it ONCE. Repeated repairs will just bog everything down even more.

May just need to give it some time for all the routes to populate again in UI.

I noticed all the older jasco wall switches that I have do not have a route. is this a problem or are they not installed correctly?

If they are old enough to not be Zwave plus, then that could be why. They would need to be polled to get status updates from them in that case. You may need to poll / refresh them a couple of times with debug logging enabled to see if they will respond back. Or possibly run a repair on those individually from the zwave details.

also, some have pending but I cannot remove them. Is there a way to get them out?

If the built-in process (Refresh/Remove) doesn't work, then you will have to resort to the USB stick method also discussed in that post. As @jtp10181 noted, doing a repair can also sometimes help. I think more likely if you can ge t rid of the newer ghosts, then repairs could help w/the older devices that may just have been bumped by problems w/the newer devices. Usually best to do individual repairs (button by the devices), not entire Z-Wave mesh repairs (button at tope of page).

Alternatively, if you don't have a lot of Z-Wave devices you could reset your Z-Wave radio and rebuilt your Z-Wave mesh by adding all your devices again.

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I think either the current state of the hub is not going to be fixed and needs reset or the hub is failed and needs to be replaced.

there are only 2 devices that are ghosted and the system will not add or remove.

when trying to add it just says found device and will not add it.

That can be "normal" behavior for a hub w/one or more ghosts. If you reset your device and start the inclusion process w/a live logs window open you'll typically see hub busy messages due to the Z-Wave routing issues. Hub is most likely fine, just the devices that didn't join properly have f-'d things up.

Have you shut down/pull power/wait a minute/power up again since you have done the other clean-up? If not do that again and after the hub boots up and sits for a few minutes, then try the Refresh/Remove options again.

And what Ghost devices are still remaining - from the recent add attempts, or older devices. Can you post a screen shot of them?

here is the first one

second one

OK, yeah, that's one of the recent devices that you tried to add, IIRC.

And also one of the more recent ones, right?

Do the shut down/restart dance (make sure to wait a minute w/power pulled) and then boot up, wait a few minutes (lots of things happening on the Z-wave page when you first boot up) and then try the refresh/remove approach. Review @jtp10181's suggestions about how to best use the built-in Refresh/Remove options from the Ghost topic I linked you to.

ALSO, it's usually best to remove power from the devices you're trying to remove. Pull batteries/disconnect the Tstat, and flip a breaker or (for Jasco/GE/Ultrapro switches) pull the air-gap to disconnect the switch and its radio from power. If the device is still powered up the hub may be able to ping it and won't remove it.

third one

I had already tried a shutdown and pwr up. but pending does not go away or the device