C8 Low memory every 24H

I moved my son over to a C8 (.144) at Xmas and lately I have noticed his hub has a low mem warning every 24 hours.
I remote into his hub for maint and alterations but only when requested.
I installed Reboot app to Restart the Hubitat process every Wed since I saw this but I have never had any issues like this on my C8 (Beta) and mine is is a fully loaded HE; his is lightly loaded.
Can I see what the mem allocation is for each app? App/device logs don't seem to show any annomalies.
He does run Kasa, Sonos and Hue apps which I don't.

Date/time,Free OS,5m CPU avg
10-16 10:54:51,633068,1.16
10-16 10:59:56,565280,0.82
10-16 11:05:01,518660,0.52
10-16 11:10:05,513708,0.3
10-16 11:15:10,501680,0.36
10-16 11:20:15,501040,0.23
10-16 11:25:20,495136,0.17
10-16 11:30:24,497324,0.26
10-16 11:35:29,495360,0.19
10-16 11:40:34,495564,0.16
10-16 11:45:39,493836,0.15
10-16 11:50:43,470116,0.22
10-16 11:55:48,469944,0.13
24 hours later
10-17 10:32:07,221180,0.19
10-17 10:37:12,221000,0.08
10-17 10:42:17,219412,0.2

Take a local backup and restore it right away. This will perform a soft reset and restore all at once. This cleans out any corruption in the database. This fixed a memory issue for me a few weeks ago along with a few other people.


Really? So doing a separate soft reset and then restoring is the same thing? Interesting.

I'm having the same issue. I'll be trying this tonight.

Yes, they changed it I think in 2.3.4 so that when you do a restore it automatically does a soft reset first before it actually restores the backup. Which makes prefect sense, why would you want to restore on top of the existing data? I seem to be the only one who paid attention to this as I keep reminding people they don't need to use the diagnostic tool to do a soft reset and restore anymore.


Unless of course, they're like me and want a pretty Past Logs.

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Maybe you’re just more patient than the rest of us.


You are correct: it's mentioned here, near the bottom of the post, in the platform updates section.

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I'm visiting next weekend so I'll do a backup and soft reset when I'm there; can't do it via remote access.

I can confirm that this fixed my memory issue.

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Why not? You don't need the diagnostic tool, just do a backup, download, then restore. Done.

Ok. I thought the suggestion was Soft Reset which is only available via Diag tools.

A restore does a soft reset automatically so you don’t need to do it from the diag tool unless you want to start clean with no restore.

Done. We'll see. He was down to 146K from yesterdays reboot.
510K after 8 minutes in.

So far, as the say, Result!
24 hours later:
freeMem15 : 447772
freeMemory : 447640