C8 keeps locking up

I'm very new to Hubitat, coming over from Smartthings. I use the hub to turn lights on and off, nothing major. Last week or so it started dropping connection and I can't access it and the rules won't respond. I am using it on WiFi and its not pulling a new IP address or anything. It works fine if I reboot it. It was running fine so not sure whats goin on.
If a log file will help, please let me know how I can export that off the hub.

Have you tried connecting the hub via Ethernet cable to see if that resolves the problem? The next update has some further enhancements to the Wi-Fi connectivity, so you may want to consider enrolling the hub temporarily (or wait for the public release), to see if that helps. If you are interested in trying the beta, please send me a private message with your hub id.

I did that right after making the post and so far it's good. If I want it in the center of the house, it would have to be on Wi-Fi. I will give it a few days connected to see what happens. Thanks for the firmware offer, I will see how it goes over the next few days.

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Placing the hub in a non-central location can be easily compensated by having lots of repeaters to carry the signal from one corner of the house to another. The advantage of having the hub hard-wired will always be greater for local network connected devices, even if those devices connect to main router wirelessly.