C8 Hub goes down at least once a month (if not more)

I'm quite new to the Habitat platform, but I'd like to add that I'm having the same issue as many others. I've had a C8 for a few months now, and it locks up at least once a month. It has done it daily for the past three days.
Wi-Fi, DHCP reservation
When it locks up, the light is green, it does not respond to pings, and the diagnostic port is not reachable.

Welcome and sorry about your troubles.
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Have you seen this post? 🛎️READ FIRST - Before Posting in Get Help

Looks like you may have answered some of the questions in there but not all.

Do you have a Wifi Mesh system, or just a single router?
Also please try to answer as much of the questions in the pinned post as you can.


Thanks for the assistance. I have not yet tried a backup and restore, but I hope to sometime this week.

  • Model of Hub

  • Platform/firmware on hub

  • How is it connected to the LAN?
    Wi-Fi, DHCP reservation on router
    Single TP-Link Archer C7 running OpenWRT

  • How is Hub being powered? Supplied power block or other (explain)
    Supplied power block

  • Brief explanation of network topology.
    Flat network, everything on one /24 (unfortunately)

  • Brief explanation of firewall / DNS / DHCP services.
    Minimal usage of firewall on OpenWRT router, but not too relevant in this topology
    DHCP on OpenWRT router
    DNS on two separate PiHole instances

  • How many devices total (approx) and mix between Zwave, Zigbee, LAN/Wi-fi
    14, 5 Zwave, 9 Zigbee

  • What user / custom integrations are you using for LAN/IP/Cloud based connections?
    I believe Google Home is the only integration I'm using.

  • Screenshots of Past Logs from the incident, and also of any errors being generated recently.
    I'm not sure what I can show here that is helpful. Everything just stops logging when the device hangs. There will be a gap in the logs until I power cycle the device.

If you’ve been power cycling the hub when it hangs, there’s a reasonable chance the database is corrupt - warranting a backup & restore as recommended by @jtp10181.


And for giggles, post your z-wave details page.

This is going to be the first step before going forward. It is quick and easy to do, you just click a few buttons, download and upload a backup file, and the hub reboots, nothing to it.

There is nothing else I see that is a cause for concern except the Wifi can be flaky sometimes. Does your router have any sort of channel scanning or optimization? It has been found on some routers if they are changing the channel automatically it can kick the hub offline and it does not always get reconnected.

If there is any way you could get it connected via Ethernet as a test, that would be good also.


I just performed a backup & restore. We'll see how it behaves.

I failed to mention that it would be connecting to a UniFi UAP-AC-LITE access point. I believe that does have some channel optimization features enabled, but I don't recall the specifics.

Unfortunately, I'd have to move the hub to a location that causes poor connections to many of my sensors if I were to use ethernet. I don't have a very robust mesh yet.

Who is the Unifi wizzard? @rlithgow1 ?
Is there a way to set the AP to a fixed channel so it does not auto-optimize?

As of network version 7.5.172 (released in August and now superseded by 7.5.187) automatic nightly channel optimization was removed. One can still run the task manually.

This is a good source of information on setting up the WiFi APs. Scroll down to "Radios & Manual Channels"

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I confirmed that I have both bands set to a fixed channel.

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5ghz should be set to auto, keep 2.4 at 6 and below, and your hub at 20 and above

Should be safe as long as the AP is updated past the point noted above where Unifi disabled the automatic nightly optimization. The channel optimization was found to boot the hub offline (probably only if channel changes) and it did not always reconnect.

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Forgot about that. I haven't noticed that because I'm hard wired. Need to remember that when discussing unifi.

It hung up again in the middle of the night last night. Are there really no user accessible logs other than what's shown in the "Logs" section? The devices abruptly stop logging...other than that there is nothing that I can find that helps me troubleshoot this.

Is it typically in the middle of the night when it hangs?

I would enter a warranty claim: Warranty – Hubitat Support
Even if you are slightly over the 90 days it has been on ongoing problem with your hub.


It has actually been about 5 1/2 months since I purchased it so I assume warranty isn't an option.

It seems to happen in the evening most often (between 7-8). This time it was after 1:00 a.m.

I will tag support @bobbyD @support_team and maybe they can look at the engineering logs.

If you dont hear anything I would use the support site to create a case.


If there are no errors in the Logs, that means there wouldn't be any further details in the engineering logs, either. What is not posted in Logs and appears in the engineering log, is where the error originated at the platform level, all other details are posted in Logs. With that being said, we can check the engineering logs to see what event might have occurred prior to hub locking (E.G. network disconnect, brief power outage, etc).

Please send me a private message along with your hub ID and we will further investigate.

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Message sent. Thanks, I appreciate you looking into this.