C8 hangs

I purchased my C8 back in April and it was pretty stable for the first month or so, but now it is hanging on me like every two weeks. Just happened for the 3rd time. When it does this, only the diagnostic port and SSH is open. Just realized I can use the diag port to reboot it, which I did. The previous two times I power cycled.

Any idea on how to shoot this? I'm still under warrantee, so I've got a few more weeks to return it if need be, but I'd rather not give up on it. Still, a home automation hub that isn't reliable and locks you of device control every few weeks isn't worth much. Never had a problem with my Vera doing this once in 4 years of uptime.

Start a warranty return. The SSH port should never be open.

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SSH isn't open on the C-8, the C-7 or the C-5, all of which I just tested. I suspect the OP meant to say SSL aka httpS, which is open, although it's offering an expired cert by default.

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Thanks for your feedback. We absolutely agree on your statement. It is not normal or expected for a hub to lock up. If you didn't do so already, please create a warranty case by visiting the following page:

I am also sending you a private message to get more details about your hub (please check the upper right corner for a notification).

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