C8 Device Duplicated on C7

This morning I noticed that the z-wave device Aeotec Siren 6 on the C8 was duplicated on my C7. The device page on both hubs shows identical options/settings but only appears on the C8 Zwave Details page. The device works fine on the C8 but does nothing on the C7

I dont know when the device first started appearing on the C7 but I am pretty sure it was not there yesterday afternoon. Since that time I enabled C8-C7 Hub mesh (No, this device is not linked) and updated both hubs from .105 to .110

I suspect I can just go ahead and delete it but will wait till I know no more info is needed from me to help find the cause of this.

Did you soft reset the C-7 previously?

Any logs are useful, whether they be device related or scheduled jobs, etc.... Comments from others are also more useful than mine.,.. :wink:


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:smiley:Must have read my mind

I just checked the Hub Events log on both hubs. It looks like I initiated the Hub Mesh at 4:11 - 4:12 PM. When I look at the device list it shows "Last Event" at 4:12PM
Not sure if that's relevant but I am 99% sure that device didnt exist on the C7 (only has 6 actual devices atm) before than.

Sounds like a system working as epected... albeit not quite as expected initially... Would that be right...? If you take the device (or something similar) in and out of Hub Mesh you see the same behaviour?

I dont think the AEON Siren has any business on the C7. Even though Hub Mesh is enabled, this device is not shared/linked on the C8/C7

Device List on C7 . Only two C8 devices have been linked via mesh.

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