C8 compatibility with fibaro zwave specifically fgs223

Asking a question here in all seriousness…..

I watched that goof Paul Hibbert (I think that’s his name) and he is now recommending the C8 hub over home assistant.

Can I ask if the C8 is any good now with the fibaro 223 double switches?

The only reason I dumped my C7 as the zwave on fibaro devices was awful however they work 99% on home assistant with the Aeotec 7 usb.

Love the community here but need a rock solid device.

C8 does have a stronger signal, so it might be better. Repeaters could also make a positive difference.

Fibaro Smart Implant works fine for me.

I am using 10 Fibaro FGS-223 for 3 years now.
First with C5 and then with C7 and one with C8.
Working fine.
As you know there is no official driver but the community driver is working just fine.

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I had my C7 about 2 meters away from 4 fibaro fgs223 and they were very much hit and miss. If anyone has :100: with their C8 and these devices, I’d love to hear from them. :+1:t3:

Which custom driver are you using? I might resurrect my older C5 and try it and if good results, I’ll be sold on a C8. TIA Irwin.

Look for the “ Fibaro FGS-223 Double Switch 2” driver. There are some versions. Just get the last one.


Using "Fibaro Double Switch 2 FGS-223" by Eric Maycock (erocm123) with my C7 and it works very well

Never did for me unfortunately - with my C7. That’s why I left hubitat and went with Home Assistant