C8 Applications are getting installed automatically


I've upgraded to the C8 about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I was coming from C5 to the C8. When I 1st brought up the C8 it had some default applications installed. For example, Maker API,Google home assist installer, bond and and others. I completed the migration successfully some hiccups along the way but overall successful and working better than it had before. I do have a C7 as well for the s2 devices. So I'm in the process of moving all the lan/network apps to the C7 And moving whatever Z wave devices I have on that to the C8.
However, as I upgrade the firmwarevery so often those applications get reinstalled on the C8. I remove them again some have been transferred over to the C suddenly they reappear again on the C8. Yes I do have a mesh but that does not explain applications that I've never used or installed before reappearing. Any ideas or suggestions?
Note I noticed this on the C7 as well things like lan helper that are no longer used and I've removed.