C8 - - Why are the past logs not available?

A strange one that I've not noticed before. I was looking at the logs earlier today and noticed that there weren't many of my devices linked at the top of the past logs page. I didn't think too much of it at the time but I've just checked again now and events that appeared in the live logs earlier this afternoon and in the past logs immediately afterwards are now gone. For example I have logging turned on for a device, watched the events appear in the logs a few hours ago, but now there is nothing in the past logs for that device - no link at the head of the page and the device is not listed in the 'Filter by app/device' selection. Am I missing something? (other than all of my event history). The below screenshot shows a fraction of of my devices and doesn't show links for devices that logged events a couple of hours ago. Nothing in any of the devices shown is spamming, flooding the logs.

An example. I have logging enabled for my garage door contact. I have been in there this morning, yesterday (pretty much every day). If I open past logs now, the previous events for that door are missing other than those that occurred in the last hour. There have been no updates, reboots, power outages (the hub has been up since 28/03) Free memory is at 250 meg and everything else is operating normally.

That’s fairly low. Could it have gone lower and the logs purged in an attempt to recover some memory?

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I don’t think so. I’ve been looking at free memory occasionally and it’s been on a fairly steady/even drop. I’ve not had a need to look at logs for some time as everything has been working well but I had no issue’s before C7 to C8 migration.

I'm assuming Reload doesn't do anything?

When I want to pretty up my past logs, because, partly, there too much stuff, I make a local backup, do a soft reset, and hit erase past logs when given the choice. Then, restore from the backup I just made. I've done it numerous times, knock on wood, and it's never messed up. Maybe it'll help.

Reload did nothing. Strangely this morning. All of the links for devices in past logs have returned and there's some history there. I have found a few things causing some excessive logging (which I couldn't see yesterday as those device links weren't present).

I'm going to through all of my devices/apps disabling info logging where I no longer need it. I think I'll then try your suggestion of backup, soft reset and restore before I next do an update. At least I'll know the database is clean and that will remove the unneeded past logs, rather than me waiting for them to disappear over time. Thanks for the suggestions.