C7 - WiFi drivers - unable to install

I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered somewhere. I went through a lot of posts about the same problems from other users, I tried 3-4 possible solutions but I didn't get positive results.
I started playing with my C7, added a few sensors and when I started expanding my horizons I ran into a problem. My network router is in the corner of the house and some zigbee sensors I have placed around the house were not able to communicate with the C7.

Since running a network cable wasn't an option, I got a Wi-Fi dongle (WN823) and tried to get it working.
According to the instructions it should be a simple process. Settings - Network Setup - Wi-Fi drivers (beta) - Install Wi-Fi drivers.

After 15 - 30 seconds I get two results. Or the process was successful...

Or unsuccessful.

In any case, whether the process is positive or negative, the situation returns to the initial state and I can initiate the download of drivers again.
Every time I start the driver installation I can see that the traffic between the C7 and the router increases. Also, I tried a soft reset and rollback to the previous version, without success.
I hope that one of the experts will have time to help me get the Wi-Fi network running on the C7.
Thanks in advance,