C7 Upgrade from to Problems. Had to roll back to

  1. After upgrade all zwave devices were gone.
  2. Zigbee devices were working but HE would be very delayed in logging. (High CPU?)
  3. Logging issues made it hard to figure out what was happening. Either no log or very delayed,
    After most of my devices not functioning most thing just were not happy.

What I tried.
Reboots, unplug, all of the normal things to try but nothing worked.

After a few hours I just rolled back to previous version, ( I have never done that in the past)

FYI If someone else runs into the same problems with


Thanks for your feedback. Mind sending me a private message along with your hub id so we can look at engineering logs to see what went wrong?

This is common. Usually because there is corruption in the radio. Rebooting doesn't clear the radio. So the simple solution is to shut down the hub from the settings menu, unplug power for artleast 2-3 mins and power back up. Everything will be there... (unplugging and plugging back in quickly doesn't work)


He mentioned that he has tried to unplug but didn't work.

@Ranger_Shack it appears that your Z-Wave radio has had problems before updating to and after downgrading to I am replying to your message with additional details. It is safe to update to the latest release.

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I was thinking the time wasn't enough

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What did you see was wrong with Z-wave radio?

What can I do to test it?

Any update on the zwave problem.

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I have heard nothing yet. They think I have a bad hub.

I just had this happen again. Zwave radio was just not working. I have been on 146 this time for about a week.

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Can you post a your z-wave details page?

Not sure if I just got lost with the rest of life.
But would like to resolve this issue.

Every week or so, Zwave decides that I dont have a Zwave radio and all zwave devices are gone.
Biggest problem is I never even know until someone says this is not working, or I try to unlock my door remotely for family and I dont have a door lock any longer.
That is very frustrating.

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I think this is where the other thread left off?

Can you post a your z-wave details page?


It was already confirmed to be a problem by BobbyD.

Getting no response from private messages anymore.
So I thought I would try here again.

They were trying to see if a software fix would work or if the hardware needed to be replaced.
Bobby was thinking hardware.



Still have not heard anything.

Had zwave radio just stop responding again today.

You might consider joining the beta. One of the things fixed was the z-wave radio crashing during backup.

Thanks for the idea.

I was under the impression that it was a hardware issue.
BobbyD had mention replacing the hub.

I need to qualify to be in the beta program.. Can you help me with that?


Yeah, send your hub info page to @bobbyd and ask to be in the beta :rofl:

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