C7 to C8 Migration - No Z-Wave Devices work

I just migrated from the C7 to C8. My ZigBee devices are working, but none of my Z-Wave devices are working. Any suggestions? I followed the migration docs, they show up as devices, they just don't do anything when I interact with them.

If you look at the zwave details page do the devices show up there? The restore process restores zwave devices but not routes. Those rebuild over time. You may see some or many with no routes but they should begin to populate pretty soon. In my experience it took a number of days for the mesh to completely rebuild but others saw rebuilds much faster so everyone's experience is a bit different.

Please send us a private message along with your hub ID at @support_team so we can further investigate.


...and even w/out the routes listed on the Z-Wave Details page the devices should still work fine. My Z-wave devices all started out w/out routes after the migration, but every one I tested was working fine. Routes have all filled in this morning, one day after migration.

This is an intended process, clearing out the route cache so the Z-Wave devices can find their new happy place w/the more powerful antenna on the C-8.


Does anyone know how to wipe a hubitat so I can return it?

Soft Reset, followed by Zwave Reset and a Zigbee Reset - then unregister the hub.

It won't let me deregister my hub, since I have a subscription. I want to keep the subscription on my C7. Also, I don't want to have my C7 and C8 running at the same time, so soft reset is going to be tough to do. Is there a hard reset?

I just migrated from C-7 to C-8 and none of my Z-Wave stuff is working. My LAN and Amazon Echo works without doing anything, which I did not expect. All of my Z-Wave switches and devices are in the Devices tab, but when I look at Z-Wave Details, it shows absolutely No Z-Wave Radio Devices. I will try to restore again from the C-7 and start over.

Update: Interestingly, I did my backup restore from C-7 to C-8 using the local backup. I had taken both local and cloud (free for migration), but used the local because I wanted to see that the local restore would work if I need it. As I was doing the initial setup of the C-8, it conveniently asked me if I wanted to restore from a bakcup, I selected yes and it restored. However, it NEVER asked me if I wanted to restore the Z-Wave radios. I think that is a bug. I am assuming that was the problem. I restored from the migration backup and that indeed worked.

So, can someone tell me if the local backup function is broken? Or is this a UI issue? If the local backup does not save the Z-Wave devices, it's completely worthless to me. Can someone clarify this? Is the Hubitat local backup broken/worthless?

Ok, reading a bit more about this. So the backups don't backup the Z-Wave information? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THAT IS NOT A BACKUP. Don't call that a backup. I have been backing up my device for nothing in case of a failure? I am FURIOUS! Can someone confirm this nonsense? I think I need to look at Home Assistant and return this! This makes me so mad. I hate companies that hold MY DATA hostage. Data that I spent my time to tediously create. I will not invest in a system that I cannot backup and I do NOT trust a small company that could vanish tomorrow to backup for a fee! I am SO mad.

I am using Hubitat because I didn't want to be dependent on the cloud in any way shape or form. ARGH.

Local back up does not back up the z-wave or zigee radios. If you get a hub protect subscription it will on the C8 and just the z-wave on the c7 (you will need to re pair your zigbee devices on the c7 but they slot back into where they were)

NOW however if you are doing a migration, you have to do the migration cloud backup on the c7 which will back up your c7 and c8 radios without a subscription for the purposes of migration to the cloud and then you can restore those radios to the c8 (it will prompt you to restore zigbee and z-wave) Please watch this video


You've been a member of this community for 18 months, if I count correctly.. and in that time, the entire conversation about what is and is not included in local backups have occurred multiple times. Primarily during the C-7 release and Hub Protect release. This community has responded to "outrage" multiple times over the year and a half regarding this topic. It certainly does not need to be repeated on endless loop.

The majority of us in the Community are here offering our words to help others. Hubitat staff participate too, but they too rely on readers reading. For a year, this site has had a promotional banner for HubProtect & Remote Admin, it was replaced by the C-8 announcement. Clicking Documentation at the top of this community page will present pages for both. As you've found, there's no obscuration of the facts. Local backup, yes backup, does not include the Z-Devices radio configs. Hub Protect is where you can find that feature.

My suggestion is to follow the video that @rlithgow1 linked.


Yeah, I figured out that the local backups are WORTHLESS if my device fails. That is what I figured out. I am not happy that the backups are made worthless to try to make me pay for the content that I created.

The content you created, namely rules, dashboard layouts, and so on ARE backed up in a local backup.


Then you should move to a different platform that meets your backup needs. As @csteele indicated, this topic has been discussed ad nauseum in the last 18 months, leaving no need for it to be discussed again.


This is exactly the response you want from a brand ambassador.

This was spelled out quite a long time ago and why there is a subscription. That said, no one else does radio backups at all.

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Vera/Ezlo does (or least they used to) - but that platform was so unreliable, backups were necessary.

And the DIY options that use zigbee2mqtt or zwaveJS certainly provide backups as well.

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I was thinking of ST and what have you.

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Well, it's the truth. And the great thing is that there are platforms that provide the sort of local radio backups that @tonybits desires ..... as the old phrase goes - horses for courses.

Local backups have been available since day one and they contain exactly the content that you've created. The mesh networks content largely belongs to Silicon Labs. The Z-Wave radio backup was added much later and Zigbee radio backup was just added this year.

With that being said, for all others who may follow this thread, be sure to check out the following document, before attempting to migrate your system. It will not only save you valuable time, but it also ensures that users have a smooth and positive experience, as we at Hubitat, meant it to be:


Followed it, didn’t work. When I tried resetting my C8 to send it back, it broke everything again, and I was even able to reset it since there is no hard factory reset. So, now I have a C8 sitting on a shelf that I can’t use without starting over and won’t send it back since it has my personal settings on it that I can’t easily remove.