C7 to C8 Migration "Hub failed to restore. Could not download or process backup from the cloud"

Trying to migrate to the new C8 hub from a C7. I've created several backups from the C7 and then immediately shut it down and attempt to restore the backups to the C8. The process never works, I always get the "Hub failed to restore. Could not download or process backup from the cloud" error. Any ideas what could be causing this? Both hubs are on the latest firmware.

One interesting thing I noticed is that all of my cloud backups are exactly 56mb. Does that seem correct or is my C7 perhaps not generating proper backups?

I would verify that the new hub/C-8 has Internet connectivity. If you've already set the hub up, one way to test is this: go to One way to test: go to Settings > Network Setup, then launch the "Network Test" tool from the link at the upper right. Use it to try to ping cloud.hubitat.com (or really anything on the Internet, though this one probably makes the most sense). If you've configured a static IP address on the hub, I'd make sure your DNS servers are correct, or just switch it back to DHCP at least temporarily to see if that helps. If you've configured a DHCP reservation on your home router, make sure it doesn't conflict with an IP address in use by another device (many won't let you set this up in the first place, though it could still happen for various reasons).

While you're there, check Settings > Hub Details to see if you really are on the latest version and use Settings > Check for Updates if you're not. If your hub couldn't download the cloud backup and Internet connectivity was the problem, it's possible it couldn't have updated itself automatically during the onboarding process like it's supposed to have. But this won't work until the network issue is resolved, again assuming that's the problem.

No luck - I'm definitely connected to the internet and all the tests come back good. I can defintley ping cloud.hubitat.com with all packets received. No DHCP reservations on the router, though the old hub did have one (not sure if that has any effect on anything).

Also, I'm on, which I'm pretty sure is the latest hub version for the C8.

Do you have a static ip or dhcp registration?

No static IP at the time, but I did figure this out while troubleshooting last night. I had a ~50mb audio file stored in the local storage of the old hub. When I deleted it, the backup produced was 2mb and the new C8 was able to migrate from the backup.

It seems like there is now a max file upload limit of 10mb on the C8. My guess is in trying to restore the backup which contained the larger file it was tripping the size limit and erroring out.



Audio file? What were you using that for, if I may?

Likely for echo speaks or some sirens allow use of sound files.

White noise, actually. Had it setup so when everything switches to Night mode the lights would turn off and it would cast the white noise audio to a Google speaker.

I'm a bit miffed that the upload limit is in place now- it would be nice to have this hour long audio file in the hub for that purpose. I've had to cut it down to 15 minutes to fit under 10mb.

Ran into the same problem also using it for white noise.
kind of annoyed the hub protect backup files I was paying for were no good with the larger file (Cancelled that, never used it anyway).
Now my audio file is only 8 minutes long though at 10 mb.
Now I just have it repeat 30 times (4 hours long), it just has a slight pause every 8 minutes.

Yeah the pause when repeating is annoying. Also I've found the repeats don't always happen as they are supposed to. Haven't had time to troubleshoot. Really would like a larger file limit back. This is the only thing I use local storage for so I'm just wasting space.

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