C7 Reboots - How Often?

I came home tonight to a number of my zwave plus devices not working. Granted I had been cycling a number of them into the mesh over the course of the week to get acclimated and this morning swapped them in for the zwave devices which I pulled off the network. I rebooted the hub and everything started working.

Are people rebooting their C7 hubs on a normal basis and if so how often and when is best?

Is there an app that copies the backup to Google Drive and then does the restart?

This is not common practice on C7 model. If you find yourself needing to reboot, please screen your logs for excessive traffic from one or more Z-Wave devices and try to adjust the frequency of events (such as power/energy reporting). If your issue is persistent, please send us an email at support@hubitat.com, so we can further investigate.

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