C7 Hub Performance & Stability

I'm about to purchase a few C7 hubs given the recent 2.2.4 release. Was wondering how things are running for everyone in terms of stability and performance. Any overarching benefits when exceeding the C5 hub model? Any feedback greatly appreciated.

I cannot speak to a C5, but I recently replaced my C3 that lost its Ethernet port after an electrical storm. The Z-Wave radio of the C7 performs so much better. Really happy with the upgrade.

It's a big job, but I'm planning to update my C4 sometime in the next month, so then I'll be able enjoy the improvements there too.

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You ideally should look around the forums before doing anything, the C7 is having issues with the last few releases

Yes, but didn't the 2.2.4 release resolve the stability issues?

Solved some, introduced others. As I used to say (dating myself), "wait for service pack 1." I of course did not heed my own advice, and have rolled back.

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I'm currently running a C7 on 2.2.3, and it is now very stable; after upgrading all of my devices to zwave+. From the posts that I'm reading non-plus Levitons are still having issues as well as some zigbee battery operated devices.

In case you guys didn't see it. The latest release was pulled.


That refers to the latest hotfix for the 2.2.4 firmware only.

Release is now the most updated version that can be installed.

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I think the biggest problems you are likely to encounter are the initial pairing of ZWave+ devices - specifically S2 stuff. Once things are included then everything seems to run very well - pulled hotfix notwithstanding.

Deep Thoughts by @erktrek based on recent experiences:

  • Get a Z-stick+ or UZB7 stick. With it you will be able to see/remove any problematic ghost devices, do firmware updates and various other stuff. I prefer the Z-stick+ right now due to it's ability to exclude devices while not plugged in to a computer.

  • Build a strong mesh first - I'm of the opinion you should start with range extenders like the Ring Security or Aeotec 7 placed around first THEN add other devices. I dunno if this would be good for Zigbee stuff as well though.

  • Have patience. Some includes take a while. Some devices may need to settle first. Easy to get impatient (well easy for ME anyway!) and do something regrettable.

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1 Like (which replaced that flawed Hotfix) has been outstanding so far - it's noticeable faster and stable. My Z-wave network is now ticking along nicely with no outstanding issues.


Are you coming from C5's or other previous HE hubs? Sounds like it, but not clear.

C7 has been very good for me since (I think that was the version) that came out a while back. is working w/out issues for me. Things just work, response is fast.

I would not hesitate to recommend C7/Hubitat to anyone who was moving into home automation.

If you're coming from a previous HE hub then I have no personal experience w/that - I started w/the C7 and have never used any previous version.


I've tried a bunch and kinda just went with whatever was popular at the time or seemed interesting. The community and dev support are what make Hubitat great for me. Everyones always so helpful and most questions asked get responses in just a few minutes. As long as you're not trolling or being a complete ■■■ someone's always willing to help.


I purchased three C7 hubs. Going to upgrade my current setup. End state goal is two hubs for devices on 1st and 2nd floor. Hub mesh for sharing devices to the controller hub for SharpTools and Alexa. Maker API on each device hub using Node Red for orchestration. Been using this setup with the C5 and HubConnect and it works great. Looking for better HE hardware and to do away with HubConnect. :slight_smile:


Absolutely...this is one of the most helpful forums I've participated in over the years. Helpful (and importantly) smart folks who have experience w/HE and home automation generally and like to help others. This forum is a huge value-add for HE.


How's stability with the latest release?

Latest version seems fine for me with around 220 devices, about half are zwave another quarter zigbee and the rest lan or virtual.

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Rock solid, and it’s faster than previous releases in my experience too.

Been good for me as well. Things are working, don't have any weird behaviors, and performance is good.

I'd say now is probably the best time to get a C7 since it was released.

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