C7 hub & C5 hub linked together Help

Can some one please give me step by step instructions on how to link my 2 hubs together. My main hub is the C7 and my second hub is the C5. I am not very computer smart. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks so much



What are your goals with "linking" them? It's possible to just use them completely separately if everything you need for one hub is already available on it--say, you're turning on lights with a motion sensor, and both the sensor and light are joined to that hub. (You'd just need to administer each hub separately, which you do regardless--say, to check for updates, add devices, etc.)

I assume you might be asking about the common use case of sharing devices from one hub to another. In this example, it might be a sensor on one hub and the light on the other. In that case, there are a few options, but the easiest (assuming both hubs are on the same LAN) is to use Hub Mesh to share devices from one hub to another. The docs I linked to show you how to do this, requiring just a bit of setup on both hubs.

If you don't have a reason to use two hubs, just using one is probably simpler, but if you have questions about that, maybe share more about what you're trying to do.

Good luck!

I have 2 hubs. 1 of them in the house, the other one is in a detached garage. I was thinking that the devices on the one in the garage I could see in devices on the one in the house???

Assuming that both hubs are on the same IP subnet, you could use Hub Mesh to link the hubs and allow them to see and control devices on both hubs.

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