C7 Firmware update on 1/17/23 causes hub to hang at reboot

After migrating from C5 to C7 last week, all was well until update came through today 1/17/23. After applying update, hub attempted to reboot and hung. Can no longer access hub.

Wha color is the LED? If it's green perhaps the IP address of the hub changed or it otherwise lost network connectivity. If it's blue or red that's a bigger issue.


Couple of questions:

  1. What color is the LED?
  2. If it is green did you happen to set a static IP,
    2a) if so try a network reset
    2b) if not the IP may have changed, may want to check your router to see if it is showing a new IP for the hub.

Thank you for response. You nailed it. The IP was left at dynamic and dhcp changed it. I've now changed it to static.
Much appreciated.

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Static or DHCP Reservation (preferred)?


Another suggestion is leave it as dynamic at the hub end but create a DHCP reservation on the DHCP server end. That way you can still centrally manage your IP addresses but the hub will get the same IP every time anyway.


And yes @thebearmay and I do usually speak in stereo.