C7 Failed devices

In doing my migration to the C7, I've ended up with a few ghost devices resulting from incomplete inclusion. Clusters show as "in: , out:". 2 of the 3 show a "Remove" button available. Unfortunately, the Remove button appears to have no effect on the devices. Suggestions?

Try again in 24 hours, remove is a bit fidgety...

Unfortunately, it's brought my migration effectively to a halt. When I try to include additional devices, it takes several minutes for device initialization to complete, and it appears that the entire Z-Wave network freezes for the duration. :frowning:

Anything I can do to help it along?

A reboot can help sometimes in this case.

Yea, tried a reboot. No go.

By 24 hours, did you mean wait wait for nightly cleanup? Or a full 24 hours?

Automatic process? Or try remove again?

I can’t get an secure S2 device to complete discovery. :frowning:

Don’t know of this will help with the C7, but with the C5, a power-down and restart would sometimes help with Zwave inclusion issues (as opposed to a reboot).

Thanks. Gave that a shot too, but no go.

I've definitely seen a few weird things on pairing devices AFTER successfully pairing an S2 device. Had one situation where the next non-S2 device paired as S2 authenticated for some reason.

In my situation, though, rebooting fixed it and then pairing non-S2 devices worked fine again.

I've only paired maybe 10-15 devices so far though. I got all my S2 devices out of the way first.

Kinda wished I had done the S2 first as well, but it’s not particularly close to the hub.

If someone says I have to start over, I’m going to want to kill myself.

Hey Mike, if you go into Backup and Restore and restore a backup (not an upload), does that restore the radio state as well?

Radio backup and restore are part of the new subscription service, they are not part of the existing backup routine.

Okay. Thanks.

I ordered replacement (different manufacturer, Z-Wave Plus) receptacles for the units that started the issues. Hopefully this will address the root cause of the problems.

I still haven't been able to remove any of the failed devices.

I'm 61 devices into a 115 device migration, and I'm kinda stuck. I'm reluctant to move forward if there is a possibility that I will have to reset the radio and start all over again. Especially considering device inclusion now takes almost 5 minutes per device.

Things are pretty broken right now, so if I'm going to have to reset and start over, I want to start as soon as possible. My wife's tolerance is wearing thin.

Mike, is there any further diagnostic information I can give you?

Am I going to need to reset and start over?

Little more info... I did a Z-Wave repair and sat watching a sniff.

Some things of note:

  • The repair skipped a couple of devices. No attempt to repair these devices appear in the log.
  • As soon repair the first ghost device is attempted, we see a handful of "Z-Wave Network responded with Busy message." warnings.
  • During the attempted repair on the first ghost, the Z-Wave radio appears to completely stop. Repair continues to run, but no packets have been sent in over an hour.
  • Repair fails for all devices following the first ghost, even if they were working prior to the repair.
  • A reboot (without power cycle) restores the radio.
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I'm seeing the C-7 marking all kinds of things as "failed" if they aren't actively engaging in conversations.

Battery operated door contacts and even my powered Aeotec Range Extender 7s.

Once they are "failed", the "repair" process skips them.

I had a door lock that ended up "failed" and I had to factory reset it to get it back online (of course, also excluding/re-including it).

TL;DR: A5 node ID appears to have replaced the node ID of a non-plus device that briefly lost power.

I've been watching the small C-7 setup (latest firmware) I had set up to experiment with. It consists of only 4 Z-Wave devices; 3 mains powered and 1 non-Plus water sensor. For the past week all devices have shown 'OK ' in settings with expected routes showing. Multiple Z-Wave repairs have completed successfully without anything unexpected in the logs.

This morning a brief power blip knocked half of my house off the grid for a few seconds. All hubs and routers were on UPS and were not disrupted, however the Z-Wave dimmer being used as an intermediate routing node by the water sensor was subject to the brief outage.

Now the water sensor shows 'FAILED' 'REPLACE' and 'REPAIR' buttons. It also showed the bogus 'A5' as an intermediate node in the route between itself and the hub; apparently 'A5' is now the stand-in for the Node ID of the previous Z-Wave dimmer node shown in the route (the node ID of that dimmer remains the same; it continued to show 'OK' status).

Before doing anything else, I activated the water sensor. Though 'FAILED' it correctly showed 'Wet' and 'Dry' events. Looking again at the Z-Wave details page, its status now shows 'OK', however the bogus A5 still appears as a routing node. Performing a Z-Wave repair completed properly with the expected logging messages (no A5 node logged; all expected nodes participated). However, the details page continues to show 'A5' in the route.

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