C7 cloud backup fails after

Is anyone seeing failures backing up a C7 via the cloud migration backup for C8? Was working on .124, but not on .125

Does creating a manual cloud backup work?

I don’t have a cloud account, so cannot test that. Local backups do work though. When I try the migration backup it just hangs. The backup is listed, but has no size associated. Is it normal to have no size associated with a c8 migration cloud backup?

I have a C7 working and a C8 in hand which I will migrate once the issues stabilize.

What is the email on the account? I can check whether it's uploaded.
Migration backups do not show size or any of the action buttons, that's normal.

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Ok..it may be working fine if it's normal for there to be no size attributes. I've pm'd my email.

After a reboot and a local backup, the manual c8 migration cloud backup seems fine. I tried it this time via a PC vs iOS and it looks to be working :slight_smile:

One thing I've noticed in the migration backups is if you have a lot of files (especially large ones) in the file system that are getting backed up..

2 nights in a row the hub is spontaneously rebooting during nightly backups. No errors or anything in the logs relevant.

That's weird.

I noticed a reboot a couple times in the past week. I can't say if it was during the backup or not. I seem to recall one time being in the middle of the afternoon which nowhere near the backup time. Has been ok for a couple days now. But yeah, weird.

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