C7 and C8 mesh or HA setup?


If I have a C7 already in service, and buy a C8. I know apps/devices can be migrated over. However, is there a way for me to create a mesh or straight-up high-availability setup with the two of them? Or are they incompatible in that regard?

If not, what might my options be for a pair of C-8 units?

Thank you!

I'm going to need others to confirm this.... But my understanding would be there is not an "easy" or "automated" way to switch between hubs like you might expect in a commercial setting (again I would encourage confirmation of this...), My understanding would be you need to purchase the admin (?) subscription and manually restore to another hub in the case of a "disaster"....

There's so many unknown's there on my part, I almost didn't post.... But if nothing else it may provide some topics to investigate further...


Even Beta from @thebearmay is good enough for me... :wink:


So this is much more of a nightmare than I had hoped. Lovely. I hoped to add some resiliency in case of hardware failure.

Also, I'm dealing with significant performance issues (some or all applications will become completely unresponsive for hours at a time) for no specific reason I can identify. But it sounds like there is no mechanism by which I can seamlessly have a second hub take over when the first goes into a coma, and have them sync with each other afterwards to keep up to date.

I'm also not sure I want to buy a new Hubitat hub, if a C7 hub with only a handful of ongoing (light) processes will regularly lock up for multiple hours, almost every day.

Well you need to track down the "why" of what is happening?

Does it happen at the same time or when doing the same thing?

How does your z-wave mesh look? (Post your z-wave details page in it's entirety)

Do you have the latest z-wave firmware installed? (Separate from the platform updates)

What 3rd party apps do you have installed?

What native apps do you have installed?

Are you seeing anything in the logs?