C7 heavy logging causes hub to freeze

I have a SmartApp running on that had heavy debug logging enabled and ground the hub to a hault. Searching the forum, I do not see anyone reporting the same.

Rebooting the box was the only way to get it to respond.

Just an FYI - since the database had recent upgrades.

Could there be some other reason for your hub crashing, not just the "heavy debug logging"? My hub runs with tons of logging constantly, running both my house and doing dev work on it, and I've never seen a problem related to logging volume.

It is a development hub, so not much is running on it. I will hit it hard over the weekend and let you know if it does the same. Running .140 now on it.

Thanks for the quick response.

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It's always good to update to most recent release, which currently is, to see if your issue persists. As @bravenel suggested, verbose logging is unlikely the reason for a hub to slow down, and if you enabled logging for apps or drivers, rebooting the hub wouldn't automatically disable the extra logging. Screening the past logs may reveal what actually caused the problem.

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